Apple Vision Pro to feature ‘Travel Mode’ for use when traveling by plane

Researches discovered 'Travel Mode' related resources in visionOS code.

Some of text prompts include:

  • Are you on an airplane?
  • If you're on an airplane, you'll need to keep Travel Mode on to continue using your ‌Apple Vision Pro‌.
  • Remain stationary in Travel Mode.
  • Remain stationary while this mode turns off.
  • Some awareness features will be off.
  • The current fit may reduce gaze accuracy.
  • Turn on Travel Mode when you're on an airplane to continue using your ‌Apple Vision Pro‌.
  • Your representation is unavailable while Travel Mode is on.

Developers might need to pay attention to 'Travel Mode', checking if app is still usable with reduced gaze accuracy.

Another interesting fact that current build of visionOS is only translated to couple of languages.