iPad will be able to act as Home hub on iPadOS 16, but only for “current features”

Initial beta versions of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 had noticeable change in Home app. iPad was not eligible to act as Home Hub anymore.

Apple made a comment that iPad could be used as Home hub for "current features" while undisclosed "new features", probably won't be supported.

As of now, it seems that these "new features" are related to Matter standard which HomeKit is adopting.

Reference: iPads Will Work as Home Hubs in iOS 16, But Won't Support New Home Architecture

HomeKit vulnerability could affect iPhone responsiveness

Security researcher found an issue with HomeKit which could make iPhone unusable. Issue is triggered by very long HomeKit device name (more than 500,000 characters).

This issue will affect first the Home app and if this device appears on Control Center, the whole iOS will become unresponsive or sluggish.

Issue is still present in current iOS and iPadOS releases.

Public disclosure: doorLock

Reference: This HomeKit bug could make your iPhone completely unusable; here are the details