Vision Pro limits movements with fully immersive mode

Reports arise that Apple Vision Pro limits movements to 1.5 meters by 1.5 meters square (10 feet by 10 feet). Moving outside this area will move user out of fully immersive space and show actual surroundings.

It is assumed that this measure should prevent accidents when user does not see actual surroundings.

As of now it is also assumed that this limitation will only affect the fully immersive mode when user is detached from actual surroundings while using immersive spaces with 3D models will allow movement and cases like walking around virtual car will still be possible.

Apple mentions these safety measures with Vision Pro:

visionOS implements the following behaviors while people use apps.

  • If a person moves more than about a meter, the system automatically makes all displayed content translucent to help them navigate their surroundings.
  • When a fully immersive experience starts, the system defines an invisible zone that extends 1.5 meters from the initial position of the wearer’s head. If their head moves outside of that zone, the experience automatically stops and passthrough returns to help people avoid colliding with objects in their physical surroundings.
  • The system can stop an immersive experience when people get too close to a physical object or when they move too quickly.
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Reference: Vision Pro safe area limited to 10×10 feet for VR experiences