Apple invites developers to series of tech talks dedicated to App Store practices

Apple invites developers to attend series of online tech talks that cover app promotion best practices for App Store. Topics include TestFlight, in-app events, in-app purchases, subscriptions, family sharing and others.

Schedule and registration is available on Events website.

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Third-party payment provides are available for in-app purchases on Apple platforms in South Korea

Apple publishes an update on regulations requiring Apple to provide third-party payment options in South Korea for in-app purchases.

As with Netherlands app developers should request specific entitlement and provide information on payment system used by the app.

Developers are to pay Apple 26% commission on purchases made through external payment providers. It is still developer's responsibility to calculate and report overall sales made through external systems, while Apple maintains the right to conduct audits.

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Apple could allow subscription price updates to be automatically charged

Apple is said to be piloting new feature that will allow to increase subscription price without having users to explicitly resubscribe.

Other developers noticed similar behavior for different subscriptions, and an Apple spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch that it is running a pilot test on a new subscription system.
"We are piloting a new commerce feature we plan to launch very soon. The pilot includes developers across various app categories, organization sizes, and regions to help test an upcoming enhancement that we believe will be great for both developers and users, and we'll have more details to share in the coming weeks," the spokesperson said.



Apple’s proposal for Netherland and South Korea third-party payment systems includes 27% commission

Apple proposes a plan to support third-party payment systems. This plan outlines the commission for payments made outside the App Store – 27%.

Also, apps should adopt warning screen with texts provided by Apple.

Title: This app does not support the App Store’s private and secure payment system

Body: All purchases in the app will be managed by the developer “.” Your stored App Store payment method and related features, such as subscription management and refund requests, will not be available. Only purchases through the App Store are secured by Apple.

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South Korea is not satisfied with the proposal and expects more savings for developers.

Similar pushback is seen in development community.

As of now, these proposal are not accepted and third-party payment systems are not supported.

Apple Developer: Additional details available for dating apps in the Netherlands


Authority for Consumers and Markets of Netherlands did not approve Apple’s approach for dating apps external payments support

ACM did not approve Apple's proposal on support of external payment methods for dating apps. ACM now fines Apple €5m a week, with total fine of €50m.

Apple must adjust its conditions for access to the Dutch App Store for dating-app providers. In the App Store, dating-app providers must also be able to use payment systems other than Apple’s payment system. In addition, dating-app providers must have the ability to refer to payment systems outside of the app. This had been laid down in an order subject to periodic penalty payments that ACM imposed on Apple in August 2021. On December 24, 2021, the court ruled that this part of the order could be published.


It is not clear what conditions are to be changed, so more communication from Apple is expected soon.

ACM Press Release: Apple fails to satisfy requirements set by ACM


Apple shifts deadlines for group events in-app purchase and account deletion requirements til June 30

Apple decided to move deadlines for account deletion rule and use of in-app purchases for online group events to June 30, 2020.

Account deletion rule would require apps which have sign up functionality to also provide account deletion within the application itself.

App Store Review Guideline 5.1.1 provides people with greater control over their personal data by stating that all apps that allow for account creation must also allow users to initiate deletion of their account from within the app. This requirement was set to apply to all app submissions by January 31, 2022. Due to the complexity of implementing this requirement, we’ve extended the deadline to June 30, 2022 to give you more time.

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As regards to use of in-app purchases for online group events, Apple decides to shift this requirement due to recent resurgence of COVID, which makes online events more important.

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Apple to allow third-party payments in South Korea

Apple now prepares a plan on how third-party in-app payment systems are to be allowed on App Store in South Korea following state requirements.

Reports show that Apple will still charge commission for payments made in other services, however, this commission is to be lower than regular 30% (or 15% in some cases) for its own in-app payments.

I’d bet money that Apple’s compliance plan will follow Google’s, which was announced two months ago. They’ll create a set of APIs for apps to use if they wish to process payments on their own, and those APIs will track the amount of money so that Apple can still collect their cut as the platform owner. Google’s plan reduced the rate by 4 percent, so an app that would get an 85/15 split through the Play Store’s built-in payments system will instead pay 11 percent of the transaction price to Google. Apps in South Korea will be able to process payments on their own, but they’ll have to use the APIs that ensure Google (and now Apple) get their cut.

John Gruber

At the moment, App Store Review Guidelines are NOT updated and, therefore, there are no options to submit apps with alternate payment methods.


Dutch regulators require Apple to allow third-party payments for dating apps

Apple is now required to allow third-party payments for dating apps in Netherlands. Authority for Consumers and Markets requires Apple to update App Store Review Guidelines.

The requested change is focused on dating apps only. Apple did not respond to these demands yet.

Authority for Consumers and Markets: ACM obliges Apple to adjust unreasonable conditions for its App Store

Reference: Apple required to allow alternative payment methods for dating apps in the Netherlands