Apple launches Release Candidate for iOS 17.1 and other platforms

Apple published Release Candidates for iOS/iPadOS 17.1, macOS Sonoma 14.1, watchOS 10.1 and tvOS 17.1. Also, Release Candidate is published for iOS/iPadOS 16.7.2 with focus on security fixes.

iOS 17.1 should address ScreenTime syncing issues reported earlier. Also, it targets display retention reported on some iPhone 15 models. Significant location setting bug should be resolved too. But RC seem not to fix nighttime restart issue reported by some users.

Apple also made changes to onscreen keyboard to improve its performance (especially on older models).

HomePod software should bring enhanced dialogue feature to original HomePod and HomePod mini.

Beta download: Operating Systems

Apple did not add release notes to this Release Candidate yet.


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Story behind FlickType keyboard on Apple Watch gets new turn

As previously mentioned, FlickType developer accused Apple of rejecting his app in favor of own solution announced with Apple Watch 7. AppleInsider provides more info on this story.

Turns out that screenshot provided by Kosta Eleftheriou is actually from 2019. And Apple did actually approve his app later on. Moreover, Kosta was able to earn a lot on this app. More keyboard apps for watchOS were published since then. And FlickType is still available for watchOS, Apple welcomes new updates to this app.