Weekend good reads for Android developers, issue #24 (08/2022)

It’s Friday, it’s time for a new pack of articles to go over the weekend.

Jetpack Compose vs SwiftUI

Android has a tool for declarative view building, like Jetpack Compose. If you want to know its iOS counterpart and compare their performance, check out this article. This knowledge can be useful also from KMM perspective.

Encrypted Key-Value Store in Kotlin Multiplatform

Secure storage of confidential data is a key aspect of implementing mobile applications. We cannot allow them to fall into the wrong hands. In this post, you will learn how to do it with one multi-platform library.

Things every Kotlin Developer should know about Coroutines. Part 1: CoroutineContext

In this particular article, the author explores Coroutine Context. However, I encourage you not to end with it, but also to read the rest of the available materials.

Multi-module Lint Rules Follow Up: Suppressions

Zarah Dominguez series, in this particular post we can check how to handle the suppression of a lint rule.

Introducing Ruler: Our Tool for Measuring Android App Size

Simon Schiller introduces the newly open-sourced Ruler — a tool to measure and analyze the size of your Android apps, built with automation in mind.

Library of the week:

Ruler :) : https://github.com/spotify/ruler

That’s all from us, be safe!

Weekend good reads for Android developers, issue #19 (03/2022)

Here is your list of interesting Android related articles:

All you need is KMP (and pizza)

Lena shares her knowledge about Kotlin Multiplatform. Everything is in a concise and very clear form.

Jetpack Compose: Preview

Article about the complex use cases of using the Preview annotation in Jetpack Compose, like screen orientations, layout directions, locales, and much more.

Understanding and Configuring your Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Test Suite

In this article, the Author shows how to configure the test suite for KMM project.

Tiramusu Thoughts

This is a good time for dessert after the pizza, which was mentioned in the first article. Mark Murphy examines some of the potential changes coming in Android 13 (Tiramisu).

Library of the week:

https://github.com/raamcosta/compose-destinations by Rafael Costa

That’s all from us, have a nice weekend!

Kotlin 1.6.0 is now officially released

Kotlin 1.6.0 is now officially released with stable exhaustive whens, Kover, and a new memory manager for Kotlin/Native. Other language and standard library features which we know as experimental in 1.5.30 became stable as well.

Please remember that some libs which you are using can behave differently with this version.

How to install: