Linux 6.2 adds support for M1 Macs

Linux 6.2 now adds support for M1 Macs. Support is not considered "finished" or "production-ready". M2 support is also in the works.

Some of the features are provided by Asahi Linux.

Not supported by Apple

Using Linux as operating system for Apple hardware is not supported by Apple. Use Linux at your own risk.

GitHub: Feature Support


Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #42

New iPhones are now arriving and are available in stores. So, you might have slightly less time reading on this weekend. Hopefully, you'll still have some time – we have great pack of articles for this weekend.

And this is it for today. Grab your iPhone 14 Pro Max (in Deep Purple, presumably) and enjoy this new Dynamic Island.

Cross-platform exploit targets Linux, Windows and macOS

New "SysJoker" cross-platform exploit now can infect machines with different OSes.

Interestingly, this exploit uses Universal Binary allowing it to run on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. Code is signed with ad-hoc certificate. New certificates could be used in the future.

The files and directories created by SysJoker include:

The persistence code is under the path LibraryLaunchAgents/ If the files are found on a Mac, it is advised to kill off all related processes and delete the files.


Reference: macOS, Windows, Linux all targeted by new cross-platform exploit