Library to store data as Markdown tables

Marin Todorov recently announced MarkCodable – library that adds Encoder and Decoder for Markdown format.

Library could useful for easy data editing, configurations and other semi-technical uses.

It also gives a simple way of presenting data stored by the application.

GitHub: MarkCodable


DocC documentation compiler goes open source

Apple promised to open source DocC. And now Swift team announces that documentation compiler becomes Swift open source project.

Developers now could contribute to DocC and also request new features via Swift JIRA.

Project depends on several related projects:

  • SymbolKit is a Swift package containing the specification and reference model for the Symbol Graph File Format.
  • Swift Markdown is a Swift package for parsing, building, editing, and analyzing Markdown documents. It includes support for the Block Directive elements that Swift-DocC's tutorial files rely on.
  • Swift-DocC-Render is a web application that understands and renders Swift-DocC's render JSON format.