Weekend good reads for Android developers, issue #35 (28/2022)

After some break, we back with weekend good reads for Android and news

Here are some interesting articles for you for the coming weekend:

Kotlin Multiplatform Parameterized Tests and Grouping Using The Standard Kotlin Testing Framework

Aleksander shared his knowledge about writing parametric tests in Kotlin Multiplatform. This article explains how to achieve this using the standard kotlin.test testing library.

ViewModel: One-off event antipatterns

This article has sparked a heated discussion in the Android developer community recently. The author proposes that any one-off events should be represented as the state of a specific view. I strongly recommend reading it.

Implementing Android App Architecture

Manuel Vivo summed up his Droidcon presentation.

BONUS: Performance Improvements in .NET MAUI

Microsoft has released its long-awaited successor to Xamarin, dubbed .Net MAUI. In this article, you can find a lot of information about their performance improvements.

That's all for now. Have a nice weekend!