Swift OpenAPI Generator 0.2.0 is released

New version of Swift OpenAPI Generator package is released. This update has many new features, but most importantly, it lowers OS version requirements:

  • macOS: 13 → 10.15
  • iOS: 16 → 13
  • tvOS: 16 → 13
  • watchOS: 9 → 6

Also, OpenAPI 3.1 is now supported.

GitHub: swift-openapi-generator

Swift Forums: Swift OpenAPI Generator 0.2.0 Released (OpenAPI 3.1, multiple content types)

Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/26

July is approaching (and we hope to see news on Developer Labs and Developer Kits for Apple Vision Pro), but so far, here is a fresh list of great articles to read over the weekend.

And that is it for this weekend. Have some rest, stay hydrated (especially, if you're in the areas with heat waves) and come back for next portion of great reads next week!

Swift team announces OpenAPI generator

Swift team introduces OpenAPI generator package that simplifies server and client code generation based on OpenAPI contracts.

This package was previewed during WWDC23.

Swift OpenAPI Generator could be used with different client and server transports.

GitHub: swift-openapi-generator

Apple Developer: Meet OpenAPI Generator (WWDC23)

Swift Blog: Introducing Swift OpenAPI Generator