Swift OpenAPI Generator 0.2.0 is released

New version of Swift OpenAPI Generator package is released. This update has many new features, but most importantly, it lowers OS version requirements:

  • macOS: 13 → 10.15
  • iOS: 16 → 13
  • tvOS: 16 → 13
  • watchOS: 9 → 6

Also, OpenAPI 3.1 is now supported.

GitHub: swift-openapi-generator

Swift Forums: Swift OpenAPI Generator 0.2.0 Released (OpenAPI 3.1, multiple content types)

Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/35

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Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/29

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And just one site to bookmark collection – Laws of UX is a collection of best practices that designers can consider when building user interfaces. by Jon Yablonski. Site brings a lot of user experience hints with examples. Definitely recommend to keep an eye on it.

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