Apple publishes additional information on support of passkeys

Apple continues pushing passkey technology through its Developer portal. This time Apple provided:

Recently Google started supporting passkeys, making passwordless sign in process more mainstream.

Google Accounts now support passkeys

Google now supports passkeys allowing passwordless experience. Also, when using passkey you don't need to use 2FA to sign in to your account.

Passkeys created on Apple devices are synced through iCloud Keychain, making it easier to sign in from any device.

As per 9to5Mac, for passkeys to work, user should be using:

  • Google: Chrome 109+, Android 9+, ChromeOS 109+
  • Apple: Safari 16+, iOS 16, macOS Ventura
  • Microsoft: Edge 109+, Windows 10/11

In order to set up passkey for your account, follow this link.

Google Blog: The beginning of the end of the password

Apple Developer: Passkeys