Apple surveys visionOS developers on Persona feature

Reports show that Apple is sending survey for Persona feature for Apple Vision Pro.

Survey apparently is being distributed among developers using Developer Kits.

Apple seems to be working on improvements for Persona and is looking for overall perception of the feature.

It is expected that video communication apps will be able to access virtual 'selfie' camera to make similar experiences available in their apps.

Reference: Apple wants to know what developers think about their ‘Persona’ on Vision Pro

Vision Pro limits access to device cameras for application developers

With more details on Apple Vision Pro being available during WWDC23, developers found out that in current release of visionOS access to outward facing cameras will not be provided to third-party applications.

The only access apps could get is simulated camera with user's Digital Persona (and only if user approves access). This camera will act like front facing camera on iPhone allowing recoding of user's face reconstructed using ML model.

In order to build immersive AR experiences developers have to rely on ARKit entities and scene understanding capabilities.

Reference: Vision Pro keeping camera access under lock and key compared to iPhone and iPad