Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/14

It's already April... Apple announced WWDC23 and we have great reads for you this weekend.

And couple of takes on absolutely unrelated article which you can read on your Mac – Apple Has Included Bitcoin Whitepaper in Every Version of macOS Since 2018 (and possible explanation – Here’s why macOS has the Bitcoin whitepaper hidden in its files).

We would like to finish this episode with shameless plug of our podcast episode dedicated to ChatGPT. If you find it relevant, please, leave a rating and review in Apple Podcasts or any other platform you use to listen to podcasts.


Thank you and see you next week!

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #52

This week is a little bit shorter in US, so weekend good reads come a little earlier. Let's find some good reads for this long weekend.

And to wrap up this issue, here is a great video for those who are interested in security – Using A Magic Wand To Break The IPhone's Last Security Barrier by Tihmstar | hardwear.io NL 2022.

Happy holidays and see you next week!

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #42

New iPhones are now arriving and are available in stores. So, you might have slightly less time reading on this weekend. Hopefully, you'll still have some time – we have great pack of articles for this weekend.

And this is it for today. Grab your iPhone 14 Pro Max (in Deep Purple, presumably) and enjoy this new Dynamic Island.

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #20

While we might be spending some time trying recent new betas, there still might be some time to read over the weekend.

Have a nice week!