Apple adds capability to allow app pre-orders by specific regions

Apple now allows to pick specific regions to support pre-orders for apps and games. Release dates now could be set separately as well.

Offering your app or game for pre-order is a great way to build awareness and excitement for your upcoming releases on the App Store. And now you can offer pre-orders on a regional basis. People can pre-order your app in a set of regions that you choose, even while it’s available for download in other regions at the same time. With this new flexibility, you can expand your app to new regions by offering it for pre-order and set different release dates for each region.

Apple Developer

Apple Developer: Pre-orders by region now available

Flutter 2.8 and Dart 2.15 released

News for flutter:

  • Flutter apps now more performant, use less memory and startups faster.
  • Performance testing are easier with new DartDevTools and profiling features
  • Casual game development with Flame v.1.0.0
  • It easier than ever to connect apps to back-end services(Firebase and Google Cloud)
  • Authentication with Firebase are much easier than before.
  • Major updates for flutter ecosystem(Like FlutterSVG, and etc)

News for Dart:

  • Fast concurrency with worker isolates
  • Constructor tear-offs
  • Improved enums in the dart:core library
  • Dart DevTools included in the Dart SDK
  • New pub features for package publishers
  • Compressed pointers (approximately 10% reduction of the Dart heap size)

What's new in flutter 2.8?

Announcing flutter 2.8

Announcing Dart 2.15