Apple reports fiscal Q4 2023 results

Apple reports fiscal results for Q4 2023. Services revenue are reaching all-time high and iPhone sales are up 3% year-over-year.

However, Mac sales are down 34% year-over-year. Apple expects Mac sales to catch up in holiday season.

Tim Cook highlighted that Apple makes investments in generative AI tools. Also, he describes Apple Vision Pro purchase process as something which will have better experience with visit to Apple Store (while it will be available online).

Apple Newsroom: Apple reports fourth quarter results


Bitwarden releases developer survey results on generative AI and other topics

Bitwarden shared a report on developer practices in relation to security.

Notable findings include:

  • Around 25% of developers pass sensitive information into AI tools, which includes passwords, financial details, customer information, IP, even SSNs;
  • And yet, more than 90% of developers pass annual security trainings;
  • Passkeys are widely praised by developers, 68% already use passkeys.

Report shows that generative AI tools are getting much more attention from developers; developers also understand potential security threats of using AI.

Passkeys use could decrease password leakage probability, and development community overall starts gradually adopt this technology.

Bitwarden: Decoding tomorrow: Developer secrets, security and the future of passkeys

Reference: Bitwarden releases new developer survey on generative AI, passkeys, and more

iPhone continues to be most popular smartphone among teenagers, Apple Watch is gaining market share

Piper Sandler reports continued trend for iPhone to be most popular smartphone among US teenagers.

87% of teens own an iPhone; 88% expect an iPhone to be their next phone; 34% own an Apple Watch.

Piper Sandler

Report also contains information on spending, jobs, digital content consumption and so on.

Piper Sandler: Taking Stock With Teens – Fall 2023 Survey


Report shows that developers generated more than a trillion dollars in App Store ecosystem

Apple publishes report on developers' success in App Store.

Some key findings:

  • Developers generated $1.1 trillion in sales.
  • Over 90% of that was paid directly to developers without Apple's commissions.
  • 29% year-over-year growth.
  • Travel, ride-sharing, grocery, food delivery apps see significant growth.

Report contains more details on 15 years of App Store history.

Apple Newsroom: Developers generated $1.1 trillion in the App Store ecosystem in 2022


Apple publishes first App Store Transparency Report

Apple first App Store Transparency Report explaining app rejections, government requests, etc.

Report claims that 1,679,694 of 6,101,913 app submissions were rejected.

App submission rejections by App Store Review Guidelines section:

  • Safety: 92,598
  • Performance: 1,018,415 
  • Business: 152,391
  • Design: 212,464
  • Legal: 441,972
  • Other: 79,736

Also report includes number of terminated user accounts – 282,036,628.

Apple declares number of total number of developers – 36,974,015 and number of developer accounts terminated – 428,487.

Apple Legal: 2022 App Store Transparency Report (PDF)


Apple shares a report on how App Store prevents fraud

Apple shared a report claiming that App Store prevented more than $2b fraudulent transactions.

Apple mentions following measures:

  • 428k accounts were terminated due to fraudulent activity
  • over 100 million account creation request were blocked
  • 282 million accounts were deactivated
  • almost 1.7 million app submissions were rejected
  • ratings were also checked for fraund
  • almost 4 million stolen credit cards were blocked from use
  • 714k accounts were banned from App Store
  • over $2b fraudulent transactions were prevented

Apple sees a lot of criticism from regulators, users and developers for its App Store practices. And sides usually request Apple to loosen and harden App Store requirements at the same time. This reports provides some visibility for Apple efforts on making App Store safe for users and developers.

Apple Newsroom: App Store stopped more than $2 billion in fraudulent transactions in 2022

Apple announces Q2 2023 financial results

Apple held its Q2 2023 earnings call. While economy is on decline, Apple was still able to achieve great results with iPhone and services.

During the call Tim Cook reiterated that mass layoffs are considered 'last resort' and not planned right now.

Apple also announced that they're getting closer to 1 billion active subscribers.

While Apple did not announce any significant focus changes for AI, Tim Cook acknowledged hype around ChatGPT and said that company will keep working on bringing more AI to its platforms and services.

Apple Newsroom: Apple reports second quarter results


Setapp report provides insights on developers in 2023

Setapp conducted Mac Developer Survey recently and now shares the results.

Notable findings are reported by 9To5Mac:

  • 60% of the surveyed Mac developers are interested in distributing their iOS apps through third-party app stores, given the opportunity. Key motivations — growing the number of users and adding a revenue stream.
  • Almost 1⁄3 of the surveyed Mac developers distribute their apps solely outside the Mac App Store.
  • 39% of respondents have already implemented ChatGPT in their development flow, while another 41% are working on that.
  • 44% of respondents have already implemented AI/ML models in their apps, and 28% are working on it.
  • 87% of developers put effort into making their apps accessible, with visual impairments getting the most focus.
  • 75% of the surveyed Mac developers have felt the impact of the economic downturn on their businesses.

Setapp: Mac Developer Survey 2023

Reference: Setapp Dev Survey results: Third-party iOS app store interest measured, ChatGPT adoption, more

Addigy publishes report on Apple device Management

Addigy released a report on Apple device management in 2023. Report is based on a survey company held for 480 managed services providers.

Report shows importance of device management for Apple platforms, expected raise of Apple device usage highlighted by survey respondents.

Also, almost respondents consider Apple devices more secure and easier to manage in day-to-day activities.

Addigy: 2023 State of the Apple Device Management Industry for MSPs

Reference: Addigy releases its 2023 State of the Apple Device Management Industry Report for MSPs