Apple will provide more information on App Store apps removals

Apple will now add information on App Store application removal requests and actual removals in its transparency report.

According to investor group, Apple agreed to provide more information on reasons behind the takedowns on app-by-app basis.


Apple developers now should submit annual self-classification report on encryption

Each year during January developers using App Store should submit report on encryption usage in their apps for the past calendar year.

Reports should be emailed to Bureau of Industry and and the ENC Encryption Request Cordinator at and

This report must be submitted even if apps only use platform standard encryption components (such as HTTPS connections).

Online tool might be helpful for report generation.

This is unofficial tool

This tool is not created by BIS, NSA or any other government agency. Also, this tool is not provided by any major software vendor.
This site is not affiliated with this tool either.

Tool: BIS Annual Self-Classification Report Generator

CIRP report shows most popular iPad models

Consumer Intelligence Report Partners LLC (CIRP) publishes report on iPad model popularity.


Popularity across models shows that iPad Pro combined is more popular than iPad base model. iPad mini is way behind other models.

Interesting fact is that more than half of iPads are with cellular making them connected on the go.

CIRP: Apple Sells Tablets, Too (paid)

Reference: Which iPad is Apple’s most popular for now?

iOS 16 adoption is now at 69%

Mixpanel reports iOS adoption numbers three months after release. Almost 70% migrated to iOS 16 according to the report. iOS 15 takes another 25%, leaving 6% to earlier releases.

Apple Developer portal does not report iOS 16 adoption yet.

Mixpanel: iOS 16 adoption


Users download less games now

Sensor Tower published a report on mobile gaming.

The U.S. mobile games market has faced significant challenges during the first half of 2022. Overall U.S. mobile game revenue fell by 9.6 percent Y/Y to $11.4 billion, while downloads declined by 2.5 percent to 2.4 billion. Looking at just 2Q22, revenue decreased by 11.4 percent Y/Y to $5.6 billion, though downloads were largely flat at 1.2 billion.

Sensor Tower
Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower: Most Mobile Game Genres See Revenue Declines in the U.S. During H1 2022 as Industry Headwinds Bite

Reference: We’re downloading fewer mobile games as lockdowns end and inflation bites

People spend 4 hours using their mobile devices

TechCrunch reports device usage statistics based on article (formerly App Annie).

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Statistics also show top downloaded apps. Instagram, Facebook and TikTok top the list.

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Read the full report, to get more details on each app category. Mobile Users In Two Regions Now Spend 5.7 Hours A Day In Apps

Reference: Mobile users are now spending 4-5 hours per day in apps

Mixed reports of Mac shipments in Q2, both agreeing on PC market decline

According to Gartner report Apple shipped 6.4 million Macs during Q2, up from 5.8 million year over year. That makes 9.3% growth in shipments.

On the other hand IDC reports decline in Mac shipments together with whole PC market. This might be related to release of MacBook Air with M2 chip, which was announced on WWDC22 and became available early July. IDC reports shipments of 4.8 million Macs in Q2 and 6.2 million one year ago which results in 22.5% decline for Mac shipments.

Apple is yet to announce its financial results.


Apple reminds developers on how to use beta versions and report bugs

WWDC22 is less than a week away and Apple reminds developers on good practices for using beta software and bug reporting.

It is very important to start testing existing applications on new OS releases as early as possible to outline possible incompatibilities and report issues back to Apple.

Using beta software could be dangerous!

Do not use beta OS releases for production or personal use. Beta versions (especially first beta releases of major OS update) could contain serious bugs. Use of those might result in data loss, iCloud account malfunction and even device bricking.
Limit use of beta versions to designated test devices and test accounts only.

Apple Developer: