Apple shares a report on how App Store prevents fraud

Apple shared a report claiming that App Store prevented more than $2b fraudulent transactions.

Apple mentions following measures:

  • 428k accounts were terminated due to fraudulent activity
  • over 100 million account creation request were blocked
  • 282 million accounts were deactivated
  • almost 1.7 million app submissions were rejected
  • ratings were also checked for fraund
  • almost 4 million stolen credit cards were blocked from use
  • 714k accounts were banned from App Store
  • over $2b fraudulent transactions were prevented

Apple sees a lot of criticism from regulators, users and developers for its App Store practices. And sides usually request Apple to loosen and harden App Store requirements at the same time. This reports provides some visibility for Apple efforts on making App Store safe for users and developers.

Apple Newsroom: App Store stopped more than $2 billion in fraudulent transactions in 2022

Apple publishes additional information on support of passkeys

Apple continues pushing passkey technology through its Developer portal. This time Apple provided:

Recently Google started supporting passkeys, making passwordless sign in process more mainstream.

Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/14

It's already April... Apple announced WWDC23 and we have great reads for you this weekend.

And couple of takes on absolutely unrelated article which you can read on your Mac – Apple Has Included Bitcoin Whitepaper in Every Version of macOS Since 2018 (and possible explanation – Here’s why macOS has the Bitcoin whitepaper hidden in its files).

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Apple publishes iOS, iPadOS 16.4.1, macOS 13.3.1 with emoji and Siri fixes

Apple publishes bug fix release addressing skin tone customizations for hand emoji and Siri responses. macOS addresses issue with Mac unlock with Apple Watch.

Update also incorporates security updates.

No developer-facing features are reported in this update.


Second Rapid Security Response is issues for iOS 16.4 and macOS 13.3 beta

Apple continues to test Rapid Security Response mechanism on iOS and macOS.

As in previous case, there are no details on actual content of this update. Most likely, this update is just a test for the delivery system itself.

Reference: Apple Releases Second Rapid Security Response Updates for iOS 16.4 and macOS 13.3 Ventura Beta Users

Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/8

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Let's finish with interesting video on design process by David Smith.
Design process by David Smith

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