Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/13

Lucky episode of good reads today! And we've got a lot to cover on last day of March.

We're finishing with video by David Smith on design.


With this – have a great weekend and see you in April!

Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/5

It's already February... Well, we still have couple of interesting reads for you.

And, in case you missed it – couple of books are available for free, maybe you'll find something useful there. See you next week!

Another tool to ease workflows with Simulator – SimBuddy

Craig Hockenberry posted about open-source utility that simplified some of the typical debugging techniques with Simulator.

You could easily find your app's bundle, documents directory, group containers or preferences. This significantly reduces a need in printing those through debug console.

IconFactory: SimBuddy (zip)

GitHub: SimBuddy (source code)

furbo.org: SimBuddy – Your Simulator’s BFF

Marin Todorov’s dataTile app is in public beta

Marin Todorov announces public beta of iOS Simulator second screen app called dataTile.

This app provides small additional screen which shows any log events from the app which developer considers relevant. App uses logs produced by Apple logging system, so if your app already uses those, no changes are needed in the app to support dataTile.

App is a good example of macOS SwiftUI app. It requires macOS Ventura though.

Beta sign up: dataTile

Reference: dataTile for Simulator - public beta on TestFlight now!

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #8

Welcome to Weekend Good Reads for Apple developers, eighth episode. There is so much to share this week.

But first things first. As you know, Swift team now allows backporting of Swift Concurrency features to previous releases. So, we'll need to recap.

Have a nice weekend! And be ready for Swift Structured Concurrency!