Apple refreshes iOS and iPadOS design resources

Apple published updates to its iOS and iPadOS design resource catalog.

According to blog post the following changes have been made for Sketch and XD:

  • Text now uses SF Pro instead of SF Pro Text and SF Pro Display
  • Text now uses NY instead of NY Small, NY Medium, NY Large, and NY Extra Large
  • iPhone screen sizes now match iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 (390 by 844 points)
  • iPhone and iPad hardware bezels updated
  • Downloads for design templates (used to make comps) now separated from production templates (used to make assets)
  • Apple Pay design templates updated to iOS 15
  • Siri design templates updated to iOS 15
  • Apple Wallet design templates updated to iOS 15 and now include access key template
  • New button system for iOS added
  • iOS app icon production templates now include icon grid
  • System colors now include mint, cyan, and brown
  • iOS wallpaper updated
  • iPadOS dock updated
  • Appearance of notifications platter, icon, and actions updated
  • Extra-large widget added for iPad
  • Small, medium, and large widget sizes updated
  • Search bar added to emoji keyboard, and new popover keyboards and popover action sheet added for iPad
  • iPad Slide Over size and shadow updated
  • Table row actions added for sidebar and table views
  • Touch ID and Face ID components added
  • Single-card style modal view for iPhone and iPad added
  • Wheel-style date picker and time picker added
  • Appearance of Home Screen quick action menus updated
  • Multitasking indicator updated for iPad

Apple Developer: iOS and iPadOS Apple Design Resources Updated

Apple Design Resources: iOS & iPadOS