Beta 4 for iOS 17.2 and other platforms is published

Apple published another beta for iOS/iPadOS 17.2, macOS Sonoma 14.2, watchOS 10.2 and tvOS 17.2. No new Xcode beta is available.

New beta brings configuration for notification sounds, removes Apple Music collaborative playlists and implements other updates.

Beta download: Operating Systems

Release notes:


Some users report another issue with iPhone 15 – crackling sounds

There are reports that built-in speakers of iPhone 15 produce crackling sounds while playing audio in some cases. At this moment it is hard to evaluate how widespread the issue is. Issue seem to be affecting both Pro and non-Pro models.

According to reports, high volume playback of high frequency sounds could be triggering the issue.

At this moment, Apple seem to be replacing iPhones affected by this issue at no cost.

Reference: Some iPhone 15 users complain about crackling sound with built-in speakers

Apple announces next generation HomePod

Following announcements on new Mac hardware Apple today announces update to HomePod.
Introducing the all-new HomePod | Apple

Second generation HomePod gets S7 chip, UWB, temperature and humidity sensors. HomePod also gets Matter smart home standard support.

HomePod second generation follows design of original smart speaker while getting sound quality improvements too. However, it is noted that original HomePod could not be combined as stereo pair with second generation.

HomePod mini apparently also has temperature and humidity sensors. And those will be enabled with upcoming software update.

Sound Recognition feature comes to both new HomePod and HomePod mini to listen for smoke alarms in the house.

Apple Newsroom: Apple introduces the new HomePod with breakthrough sound and intelligence