Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #48

Hey there! This week we have many great reads for the developers, so – buckle up!

This week we'd like to pay our respects to Ray Wenderlich and his portal. Now it has new name – Kodeco. It is still great source of useful content for developers and we'll even share couple of articles today.

That's a lot for this week. Have time for rest and some time to read something interesting!

iOS 16 breaks AirPlay to older Apple TV

DRM protected content failed to be streamed to second and third generation Apple TV – issue is introduced in iOS 16. iOS 15.7 still could stream to those devices.

There is no indication, if this would be fixed in upcoming releases.


iOS 16 provides opportunity to allow streaming to Chromecast devices

iOS 16 introduces new extension type that allows third-party streaming devices to be available via standard audio and video routing menu.

This opens an opportunity to provide support for Chromecast or Mirocast streaming devices in system menu. Developers yet to implement this feature in their apps though.

Apple Developer: DeviceDiscoveryExtension

Reference: iOS 16 appears to open the door for Chromecast targets in the AirPlay menu