Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/4

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Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #51

Issue 51 of good reads. And this one has a lot of interesting stuff.

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Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #50

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Swift team announces Swift Async Algorithms

Swift team presented new Swift package for algorithms created on top of AsyncSequence.

This packages provides cross-platform open source time-based algorithms to be applied in various applications.

AsyncAlgorithms is a package for algorithms that work with values over time. That includes those primarily about time, like debounce and throttle, but also algorithms about order like combineLatest and merge. Operations that work with multiple inputs (like zip does on Sequence) can be surprisingly complex to implement, with subtle behaviors and many edge cases to consider. A shared package can get these details correct, with extensive testing and documentation, for the benefit of all Swift apps.

Swift Blog

GitHub: swift-async-algorithms

Swift Blog: Introducing Swift Async Algorithms

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #26

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Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #25

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Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #20

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Swift for Visual Studio Code extension preview is released

Tim Condon announces first preview release of Swift for VSCode extension.

The highlights of the extension include:

  • Automatic task creation
  • Package dependency view
  • Code completion
  • Jump to definition, peek definition, find all references, symbol search
  • Error annotations and apply suggestions from errors
  • Automatic generation of launch configurations for debugging with CoreLLDB

Swift Forums: Introducing Swift for Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Marketplace: Swift

Swift Playgrounds 4 is released

Following iPadOS 15.2 release, Swift Playgrounds 4 is now available.

With Swift Playgrounds 4 developers can now build apps on iPad and submit them to App Store Connect. Projects created by Swift Playgrounds 4 could be opened by Xcode on the Mac.

Notably, apps created in Swift Playgrounds could only use SwiftUI as user interface framework. Projects could use SwiftPM for dependency management.

Apple Developer: Swift Playgrounds 4 now available

App Store: Swift Playgrounds

Release notes: Swift Playgrounds Release Notes

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #13

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