Tact CloudKit code is released as open-source library Canopy

Tact developers released library to work with CloudKit as open source – Canopy.

Canopy helps you write better, more testable CloudKit apps. It isolates the CloudKit dependency so you can write fast and reliable tests for your CloudKit-related features, and implements standard CloudKit-related behaviors.

GitHub: Canopy (documentation)

Reference: CloudKit code from Tact is now available as Canopy open-source library

Third-party browser support for Apple Pay arrives in iOS 16

Apple will allow third-party browsers support Apple Pay on the web in iOS 16. This might be related to ongoing anti-trust investigations across the world, but overall, this will increase usage of Apple Pay to more users.


Reference: Third-Party Browsers Starting to Support Apple Pay in iOS 16 Betas

Apple shares report highlighting successes of third-party apps

Apple publishes case study that shows financial success of third-party apps, even comparing those to Apple's own apps.

Third-party apps are the only options for consumers for entire types of apps, including social networking, dating services, travel planning, and food and drink.

Leaders in app types often vary across countries, with many regional leaders outperforming their globally competitive counterparts.

Third-party apps are the most popular among iPhone users in most regions for major app types, including music streaming, TV and movie streaming, reading, communication, and mapping apps.

Across many app types, Apple’s own apps account for a relatively small share of app usage among iPhone users. This is the case even though some Apple apps are preinstalled to enable core functionality of the device.

iPhone users often use multiple apps within a single category, especially apps for communicating, reading the news, watching videos, or navigating — underscoring how easily users can switch between apps and the breadth of opportunity for developers.


Apple Newsroom: Report finds third-party apps see global success on the App Store

Full report (PDF): The Success of Third-Party Apps on the App Store


Apple’s proposal for Netherland and South Korea third-party payment systems includes 27% commission

Apple proposes a plan to support third-party payment systems. This plan outlines the commission for payments made outside the App Store – 27%.

Also, apps should adopt warning screen with texts provided by Apple.

Title: This app does not support the App Store’s private and secure payment system

Body: All purchases in the app will be managed by the developer “.” Your stored App Store payment method and related features, such as subscription management and refund requests, will not be available. Only purchases through the App Store are secured by Apple.

Apple Developer

South Korea is not satisfied with the proposal and expects more savings for developers.

Similar pushback is seen in development community.

As of now, these proposal are not accepted and third-party payment systems are not supported.

Apple Developer: Additional details available for dating apps in the Netherlands


Dutch regulators require Apple to allow third-party payments for dating apps

Apple is now required to allow third-party payments for dating apps in Netherlands. Authority for Consumers and Markets requires Apple to update App Store Review Guidelines.

The requested change is focused on dating apps only. Apple did not respond to these demands yet.

Authority for Consumers and Markets: ACM obliges Apple to adjust unreasonable conditions for its App Store

Reference: Apple required to allow alternative payment methods for dating apps in the Netherlands

watchOS 8.3 might have issues causing problems with third party chargers

Some Apple Watch 7 users report problems with charging using third party chargers after upgrading to watchOS 8.3.

Updated my watch last night to 8.3, set it on my 3rd party charger this morning, came back after an hour and it had gained maybe 2%?
Tried the same thing with my spouse’s watch and her 3rd party charger with the same result.
Put them on the official charger, zoom, done charging in no time. Argh!


Reddit: WatchOS 8.3 Killed 3rd Party Charger?

Reference: Some Apple Watch Users Experiencing Charging Issues After Updating to watchOS 8.3

Paddle announces plan to launch alternative in-app purchase system

Paddle announces plans to introduce alternative in-app purchase systems following Epic Games v Apple court ruling. At the moment, Paddle shows simulation and expects their solution to be approved by Apple. No formal statements from Apple is made yet.

Also, court ruling does not prevent Apple from taking commission on in-app purchases even if they're made through third-party solutions. Official statement and updated guidelines are yet to be published.