Bitwarden releases developer survey results on generative AI and other topics

Bitwarden shared a report on developer practices in relation to security.

Notable findings include:

  • Around 25% of developers pass sensitive information into AI tools, which includes passwords, financial details, customer information, IP, even SSNs;
  • And yet, more than 90% of developers pass annual security trainings;
  • Passkeys are widely praised by developers, 68% already use passkeys.

Report shows that generative AI tools are getting much more attention from developers; developers also understand potential security threats of using AI.

Passkeys use could decrease password leakage probability, and development community overall starts gradually adopt this technology.

Bitwarden: Decoding tomorrow: Developer secrets, security and the future of passkeys

Reference: Bitwarden releases new developer survey on generative AI, passkeys, and more

Apple developers now should submit annual self-classification report on encryption

Each year during January developers using App Store should submit report on encryption usage in their apps for the past calendar year.

Reports should be emailed to Bureau of Industry and and the ENC Encryption Request Cordinator at and

This report must be submitted even if apps only use platform standard encryption components (such as HTTPS connections).

Online tool might be helpful for report generation.

This is unofficial tool
This tool is not created by BIS, NSA or any other government agency. Also, this tool is not provided by any major software vendor.
This site is not affiliated with this tool either.

Tool: BIS Annual Self-Classification Report Generator

Marin Todorov’s dataTile app is in public beta

Marin Todorov announces public beta of iOS Simulator second screen app called dataTile.

This app provides small additional screen which shows any log events from the app which developer considers relevant. App uses logs produced by Apple logging system, so if your app already uses those, no changes are needed in the app to support dataTile.

App is a good example of macOS SwiftUI app. It requires macOS Ventura though.

Beta sign up: dataTile

Reference: dataTile for Simulator - public beta on TestFlight now!