Apple publishes first App Store Transparency Report

Apple first App Store Transparency Report explaining app rejections, government requests, etc.

Report claims that 1,679,694 of 6,101,913 app submissions were rejected.

App submission rejections by App Store Review Guidelines section:

  • Safety: 92,598
  • Performance: 1,018,415 
  • Business: 152,391
  • Design: 212,464
  • Legal: 441,972
  • Other: 79,736

Also report includes number of terminated user accounts – 282,036,628.

Apple declares number of total number of developers – 36,974,015 and number of developer accounts terminated – 428,487.

Apple Legal: 2022 App Store Transparency Report (PDF)


Apple will provide more information on App Store apps removals

Apple will now add information on App Store application removal requests and actual removals in its transparency report.

According to investor group, Apple agreed to provide more information on reasons behind the takedowns on app-by-app basis.