Safari retakes second place in most popular desktop browsers

Apple Safari is now second most popular desktop browser.

Statcounter reports (at the moment this post was created):

  • Google Chrome – 66.13%
  • Apple Safari – 11.87%
  • Microsoft Edge – 11%
  • Mozilla Firefox – 5.65%
  • Opera – 3.09%
  • Microsoft IE – 0.55%

Statcounter: Desktop Browser Market Share Worldwide


87 percent of US teenagers own iPhone

Also, 30 percent wear an Apple Watch, Piper Sandler survey claims.

Other notable findings include:

  • 87% of teens in the Fall 2021 survey own an iPhone
  • 88% of teens expect an iPhone to be their next phone
  • Over 22% of teens expect to upgrade to an iPhone 13 this fall/winter
  • iPhone 12 ownership increased to 20% in the Fall 2021 survey, up from ~12%. iPhones older than two years old saw their ownership decline by ~12%
  • A record 30% of teens own an Apple Watch in the Fall 2021 survey. Apple also has 86% market share among teen smart watch owners
  • 30% of teens use a fitness app as a part of their workout regimen. Of fitness app users, over 50% use an Apple app
  • 67% of teens own AirPods in the Fall 2021 survey, down slightly from the Spring
  • Half of teens are concerned about their internet activity being tracked
  • 56% of teens are not interested in Apple’s new iCloud+ service