Apple reports fiscal Q4 2023 results

Apple reports fiscal results for Q4 2023. Services revenue are reaching all-time high and iPhone sales are up 3% year-over-year.

However, Mac sales are down 34% year-over-year. Apple expects Mac sales to catch up in holiday season.

Tim Cook highlighted that Apple makes investments in generative AI tools. Also, he describes Apple Vision Pro purchase process as something which will have better experience with visit to Apple Store (while it will be available online).

Apple Newsroom: Apple reports fourth quarter results


Apple Vision Pro developer kit gets visionOS 1.0 beta 5

Apple updates software for Apple Vision Pro developer kit to beta 5. Notably, Xcode does not have beta 5 development software and simulators.

As per report, App Store is now coming preinstalled as of visionOS 1.0 beta 5.

Reference: Apple's Work on visionOS Continues With Beta 5 Launch

Apple surveys visionOS developers on Persona feature

Reports show that Apple is sending survey for Persona feature for Apple Vision Pro.

Survey apparently is being distributed among developers using Developer Kits.

Apple seems to be working on improvements for Persona and is looking for overall perception of the feature.

It is expected that video communication apps will be able to access virtual 'selfie' camera to make similar experiences available in their apps.

Reference: Apple wants to know what developers think about their ‘Persona’ on Vision Pro

Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/36

Next week we'll see how new iPhone is better than previous one, so, we have weekend to read about development topics.

And that is it for today. See you after the event (and, after our next podcast episode).

Apple Vision Pro developer kit will be customized and tracked

Reports arise on developer kit delivery process for Apple Vision Pro.

Developers will need to provide details on their prescription lenses, as well as head measurements in order to receive personalized headset.

Tweet by Mark Gurman provides more details.

Also, Apple Developer website mentions AirTag unpairing process at the end of the loan. Apple is expected to track developer kits. Developer kit also expected to come in lockable Pelican case to protect the device when not in use.

Apple partner manager will be assigned to developers using Vision Pro developer kit to track progress of application development.