Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #53

It is officially winter and here is new great pack of good articles for all Apple developers.

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Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #52

This week is a little bit shorter in US, so weekend good reads come a little earlier. Let's find some good reads for this long weekend.

And to wrap up this issue, here is a great video for those who are interested in security – Using A Magic Wand To Break The IPhone's Last Security Barrier by Tihmstar | hardwear.io NL 2022.

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Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #51

Issue 51 of good reads. And this one has a lot of interesting stuff.

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Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #50

Wow! It's 50th episode here. Let's get something interesting for today's good reads.

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Apple launches another ‘Ask Apple’ Q&A and office hours sessions

Starting November 14 Apple hosts another week of 'Ask Apple' sessions.

Join us for another exciting week of the Ask Apple developer series, where you can connect directly with Apple experts. Ask about integrating the latest technologies into your apps, designing intuitive UIs, testing on the latest software, and so much more.

Online one-on-one consultations and group Q&As will run November 14 to 18, with activities in multiple languages and time zones. Registration is open now to current members of the Apple Developer Program and Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

And stay tuned for details on the next round of the Ask Apple developer series taking place in December.

Apple Developer

Apple Developer: A new week of Ask Apple starts November 14

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #49

Another weekend is coming with big pack of interesting articles for developers.

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Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #48

Hey there! This week we have many great reads for the developers, so – buckle up!

This week we'd like to pay our respects to Ray Wenderlich and his portal. Now it has new name – Kodeco. It is still great source of useful content for developers and we'll even share couple of articles today.

That's a lot for this week. Have time for rest and some time to read something interesting!

Apple launches another ‘Meet with the App Store experts’ event covering questions on App Store

Apple launches next event to provide developers with details on how to use App Store efficiently.

Get ready to connect with experts online to learn how to make the most of App Store features. Discover how to attract new customers, test marketing strategies, add subscriptions, and so much more. Live presentations with Q&A will be held this November and December in multiple time zones and languages. Register today if you’re a member of the Apple Developer Program.

Apple Developer

Apple Developer:

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #47

Friday. Upcoming weekend. Let's have some good reads!

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