Advertising issues in iOS will be fixed soon in 16.1.1

Apple recognized issues with its advertising framework SKAdNetwork.

11/03/2022, 9:38 AM - ongoing

Some users are affected

There is an issue impacting SKAdNetwork for users on iOS 16.1. We are working to quickly resolve this issue in a software update.

Apple Developer System Status

Apple Developer: System Status

Reference: Apple Says iOS 16 Update Coming Soon With Fix for Advertising-Related Issue

PayPal and Venmo add Apple Tap to Pay integration

PayPal and Venmo iOS apps soon to be able to accept payments directly on the phone with Tap to Pay support.

Leveraging Apple's Tap to Pay on iPhone technology, U.S. merchant customers will soon be able to accept contactless debit or credit cards and mobile wallets, including Apple Pay, using an iPhone and the PayPal or Venmo iOS app.


Also PayPal is adding Apple Pay support for online payments to their app.

Reference: Apple Tap to Pay Integration Coming to PayPal and Venmo iOS Apps

Live Activities are already used to cover major event

Apple’s Live Activity framework is put to the test by developers during presidential elections in Brazil.

Developer shares story behind the app that was used to keep users informed on election counting progress. Overall, while having some limitations, Live Activity framework proves to be good tool for ongoing major events.

Reference: Developers prove the potential of Live Activities with an iOS app to track the Brazilian elections

Apple releases iPadOS 16.1, macOS 13 Ventura and other platforms

Apple releases major updates to iPadOS and macOS. iPadOS 16.1 and macOS 13 Ventura bring several notable features:

  • Stage Manager on both macOS and iPadOS (currently limited to several iPad models);
  • Weather app for both platforms;
  • Shared iCloud Photo Library.

iOS 16.1, watchOS 9.1 and tvOS 16.1 are also released today. HomePod software is also updated to 16.1 version.

These updates also bring:

  • Support for Matter smart home standard;
  • Live Activities on iPhone;
  • Clean Energy Charging in select US states;
  • New Siri UI and features for Apple TV;
  • A lot of other updates across the systems.

Interestingly, Apple Card Savings Account was not introduced with iOS 16.1. It is now expected to be added later.

Also Apple releases Safari 16.1 for older macOS releases.

iOS 16.1 brings support for SKAdNetwork 4.0. Update provides more details on ad performance, better analysis of web ads leading to App Store pages.

Xcode 14.1 gets second Release Candidate so far.

Beta download: Applications

Release notes: Xcode 14.1 RC2 Release Notes

Apple Newsroom:

Apple Developer:


WeatherKit subscriptions are now live

Apple announced WeatherKit on WWDC22. Subscriptions are now available for developers who need more requests that minimum tier provides.

Apple provides several subscription tiers:

  • 500,000 calls/month: Included with membership
  • 1 million calls/month: US$49.99
  • 2 million calls/month: US$99.99
  • 5 million calls/month: US$249.99
  • 10 million calls/month: US$499.99
  • 20 million calls/month: US$999.99

Apple Developer: WeatherKit subscriptions now available

Library to store data as Markdown tables

Marin Todorov recently announced MarkCodable – library that adds Encoder and Decoder for Markdown format.

Library could useful for easy data editing, configurations and other semi-technical uses.

It also gives a simple way of presenting data stored by the application.

GitHub: MarkCodable


Lightweight library to deal with SQLite databases in Swift

Good lightweight SQLite library is available for Swift developers. Library allows matching Swift structs to database records.

Using code generation application might skip all dependencies on any framework and limit technical debt.

Lighter is a set of technologies applying code generation to access SQLite3 databases from Swift, e.g. in iOS applications or on the server. Like SwiftGen but for SQLite3.

Lighter builds upon the database schema and hence directly knows what it looks like at compile time. For common operations no mapping is necessary at all, the generated code runs as fast (usually faster) than hand written code. It directly binds Swift structures to the SQLite API.

Helge Heß

GitHub: Lighter (documentation)

Reference: Lighter.swift

Apple increases use of SwiftUI in macOS

Developer reviewed Apple's use of Catalyst and SwiftUI in macOS. Alexandre Colucci sees a pattern in Apple's approach for new technologies. First Apple starts with less important apps and checks how technology performs. And then when technology matures more and more apps are adopting it.

Alexandre Colucci