Tap to Pay launches in Brazil

Apple launches Tap to Pay in Brazil with CloudWalk’s InfinitePay integration.

Based on a report from last year, almost 40% of transactions in Brazil during the third quarter of 2022 were made through contactless payments. The country has a high rate of NFC-enabled POS (point-of-sale) terminals.


Reference: Apple officially launches Tap to Pay in Brazil as international expansion continues

Swift OpenAPI Generator 0.2.0 is released

New version of Swift OpenAPI Generator package is released. This update has many new features, but most importantly, it lowers OS version requirements:

  • macOS: 13 → 10.15
  • iOS: 16 → 13
  • tvOS: 16 → 13
  • watchOS: 9 → 6

Also, OpenAPI 3.1 is now supported.

GitHub: swift-openapi-generator

Swift Forums: Swift OpenAPI Generator 0.2.0 Released (OpenAPI 3.1, multiple content types)

Tap to Pay is now available in Netherlands

Apple brings Tap to Pay framework to Netherlands with Adyen and SumUp as first payment platforms supporting the framework. Other companies are expected to follow.

Other parties will also follow at a later date, including Rabobank, Klearly, Revolut, Stripe and myPOS.


Apple Developer: Tap to Pay on iPhone


Hugging Face releases tools allowing running LLMs on devices

Hugging Face releases Swift Transformers – package to implement transformers APIs in Swift.

Overall, couple of products were released and updated:

  • swift-transformers, an in-development Swift package to implement a transformers-like API in Swift focused on text generation. It is an evolution of swift-coreml-transformers with broader goals: Hub integration, arbitrary tokenizer support, and pluggable models.
  • swift-chat, a simple app demonstrating how to use the package.
  • An updated version of exporters, a Core ML conversion package for transformers models.
  • An updated version of transformers-to-coreml, a no-code Core ML conversion tool built on exporters.
  • Some converted models, such as Llama 2 7B or Falcon 7B, ready for use with these text generation tools.

Package currently supports following models:

  • Llama 2;
  • Falcon;
  • StarCoder models, based on a variant of the GPT architecture;
  • GPT family, including GPT2, distilgpt, GPT-NeoX, GPT-J.

As of now package is in active development. It is not expected to be used in production projects without appropriate testing.


Hugging Face: Releasing Swift Transformers: Run On-Device LLMs in Apple Devices

Swift Server workgroup published annual update

Swift Server workgroup (SSWG) publishes annual update highlighting 2022 accomplishments and 2023 plans.

Workgroup highlights ecosystem growth with new libraries, migration to Swift modern concurrency model, new tools for server-side development.

2023 goals are set as follows:

  • Continued focus on growing the ecosystem
  • Adoption of structured concurrency
  • Expand the documentation and guides
  • Improve tooling

Swift Blog: SSWG 2023 Annual Update

WebKit team reminds developers to adopt Storage API

WebKit team shared blog post reminding web developers to adopt Storage API to be able to use local browser storage properly with modern updates to Safari on all platforms.

Team also outlines storage quotas for applications.

The overall quota is the storage limit of all origins. Reaching the limit can lead to data eviction, which releases storage used by the app. Starting in iOS 17 and macOS 14:

  • For a browser app or a web app, overall quota is up to 80% of the total disk space.
  • For other apps, overall quota is up to 15% of the total disk space.


WebKit Blog: Updates to Storage Policy

Apple announces availability of billing issues prompts

Apple recently announced that in-app billing issues will now be handled with system-provided dialogs. Starting August 14 these dialogs will be shown to users experiencing issues with in-app subscriptions.

Starting August 14, 2023, if an auto-renewable subscription doesn’t renew because of a billing issue, a system-provided sheet will appear in your app with a prompt that lets customers update the payment method for their Apple ID. You can test this sheet in Sandbox, as well as delay or suppress it using messages and display in StoreKit. This feature is available in iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 or later, and no action is required to adopt it.

Apple Developer

Developers could use API to show additional information directly in the app.

Apple Developer:

Composable Architecture 1.0 is published

Point-Free Pointers finally releases Composable Architecture 1.0.

TCA 0.57.0 is also released to help with migration – it deprecates all components removed in 1.0 to allow simple migration.

Documentation is updated accordingly.

GitHub: swift-composable-architecture

The Composable Architecture Tutorials: Meet the Composable Architecture

Point-Free Pointers: Composable Architecture 1.0