Great example of RoomPlan SDK usage by Shopify

Shopify shared great demo of RoomPlan SDK available in iOS 16.

RoomPlan is used to virtually remove any furniture and show room as if it was empty.

RoomPlan SDK provides developer with instruments to easily scan the room and export measurements in USD or USDZ formats compatible with existing 3D modeling software.

Apple Developer: Introducing RoomPlan

SwiftUI-like layouts for UIKit

Maximilian Mackh developed a library that provides SwiftUI-like DSL to construct view layouts in UIKit – InterfaceBuilder.swift. Currently in beta, project is available on GitHub.

InterfaceBuilder.swift provides simple layout primitives – Split and Scroll which could be customized to build many layout variations. Tool might not solve every issue with layouts, however, it could significantly speed up the development of UIKit applications.

Blog post: InterfaceBuilder.swift

GitHub: mmackh/BaseComponents

Reference: InterfaceBuilder.swift

Swift team announces Swift Async Algorithms

Swift team presented new Swift package for algorithms created on top of AsyncSequence.

This packages provides cross-platform open source time-based algorithms to be applied in various applications.

AsyncAlgorithms is a package for algorithms that work with values over time. That includes those primarily about time, like debounce and throttle, but also algorithms about order like combineLatest and merge. Operations that work with multiple inputs (like zip does on Sequence) can be surprisingly complex to implement, with subtle behaviors and many edge cases to consider. A shared package can get these details correct, with extensive testing and documentation, for the benefit of all Swift apps.

Swift Blog

GitHub: swift-async-algorithms

Swift Blog: Introducing Swift Async Algorithms

Okta security breach affects multiple clients

Okta, single sign-on provider, recently got hacked. Clients using Okta for authentication are at risk.

After a thorough analysis of these claims, we have concluded that a small percentage of customers — approximately 2.5% — have potentially been impacted and whose data may have been viewed or acted upon. We have identified those customers and are contacting them directly. If you are an Okta customer and were impacted, we have already reached out directly by email. We are sharing this interim update, consistent with our values of customer success, integrity, and transparency.



Productivity apps are also using SharePlay

Following news on Zillow app started using SharePlay it is now turn for productivity app to adopt this feature.

Task management app Reality Tasks is now using SharePlay.

You can now share collections easily via SharePlay! Share tasks by just clicking on the blue button in the bottom right corner.
After you finish your FaceTime call, you will be still able to edit the same collection in real-time due to the cloud sync. The feature works across iOS and macOS as well.

Reality Tasks – what's new

Reference: ‘Reality Tasks’ is the latest productivity app to take advantage of SharePlay

App Store: Reality Tasks: Kanban & To-Do

Flame 1.0.0 is released

Flame is a modular Flutter game engine that provides a complete set of solutions for games. Provides you with a simple implementation of the game cycle and the necessary functions that you may need in the game, like input, images, sprites, animation, collision detection, and a component system, which is called Flame Component System (abbreviated FCS).

Flutter logo

Flutter SVG is in release now

Flutter SVG is the library that provides the ability to render SVG in Flutter

On December 4, 2021, Flutter SVG was updated to 1.0.0 and officially in a stable release.
List of changes in this library:

  • New widget/RenderObject implementation to avoid rebuilds/paints when near or overlapping an animating widget. Also should improve raster cacheability.
  • Correctly list web as a supported platform.
  • Support for em/ex units.
  • Stable 1.0.0 release.