There are signs of always-on display in upcoming iPhone

New iOS 16 beta version has hints of possibility for iPhone always-on display. New Lock Screen background has "sleep" mode which makes background darker and less colorful. While this still might be used for night time only, this might also be used to save OLED screen power for always-on display.

Reference: Latest iOS 16 Beta Further Suggests Always-On Display Coming to iPhone 14 Pro

Mixed reports of Mac shipments in Q2, both agreeing on PC market decline

According to Gartner report Apple shipped 6.4 million Macs during Q2, up from 5.8 million year over year. That makes 9.3% growth in shipments.

On the other hand IDC reports decline in Mac shipments together with whole PC market. This might be related to release of MacBook Air with M2 chip, which was announced on WWDC22 and became available early July. IDC reports shipments of 4.8 million Macs in Q2 and 6.2 million one year ago which results in 22.5% decline for Mac shipments.

Apple is yet to announce its financial results.


iPad will be able to act as Home hub on iPadOS 16, but only for “current features”

Initial beta versions of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 had noticeable change in Home app. iPad was not eligible to act as Home Hub anymore.

Apple made a comment that iPad could be used as Home hub for "current features" while undisclosed "new features", probably won't be supported.

As of now, it seems that these "new features" are related to Matter standard which HomeKit is adopting.

Reference: iPads Will Work as Home Hubs in iOS 16, But Won't Support New Home Architecture

Apple Studio Display web camera issue will be fixed with software update

First reviews of Apple Studio Display highlighted subpar web camera performance. Apple acknowledged the problem and suggests that fix will come as firmware update.

Researches also studied the firmware itself. It turns out that Apple Studio Display runs full iOS 15.4 (with the same build number). It has 64Gb of storage while only 2Gb are currently used.


Some report that macOS 12.3 might “brick” Macs with motherboard replacements

According to forum thread there is an issue with macOS 12.3 affecting MacBook Pro 14" and 16" models which had motherboard replacements.

There is a firmware bug in Mac OS 12.3 that renders the update impossible to install on any 2021 14 or 16 inch MacBook Pro that has had it's logic board replaced.

Apple Developer Forums

Apple Developer Forums: Monterey Beta Bricking 16-inch M1 Pro MacBook Pro


Apple Pay, App Store ads are no longer available in Russia

In response to Russian aggression on Ukraine Apple limited its presence:

  • Online Apple Store is no longer works in Russia, some of Apple resellers are also no longer selling Apple hardware;
  • Apple Pay no longer works for cards issued by Russian banks;
  • App Store ads for Russian accounts are suspended;
  • Users no longer can perform App Store purchases with cards issues by Russian banks, or purchase App Store gift cards, currently the only option is to use cellular contract account payments.


Apple announces new Mac dedicated for Android Studio ;) and it is even called Studio

Apple has finally launched the rumored Mac Studio. The new Mac comes with a wide variety of ports. These include 4 Thunderbolt 4 ports, 10GB Ethernet port, 2 USB-A ports, HDMI port, and pro audio jack. Additionally, ports on the front include two USB-C ports with 10GB/s USB-C 3 data transfer for the M1 Max variant and Thunderbolt 4 for the M1 Ultra one.

Yes new M1 Ultra chip is also here:

The new M1 Ultra uses the company’s UltraFusion architecture, effectively fusing two separate M1 Max chips into a single SoC, offering 128GB of unified memory. The M1 Ultra packs 114 billion transistors and features 800GB/s of memory bandwidth and 2.5TB/s interprocessor bandwidth. The M1 Ultra is a 20-core processor with 16 high-performance cores and 4 high-efficiency cores. It has a 32 core Neural engine and a 64-core GPU to power through even the most demanding tasks.

Apple T2 chip vulnerability allows password brute-force attacks

Vulnerability in T2 chip used in recent Intel-based Macs allow brute-force attacks on system password, making FileVault storage crackable in reasonable time when password is short enough.

Apple Silicon Macs are unaffected by this vulnerability. On the other hand, Macs without T2 chip are easier to be brute-forced.

Use strong passwords

Time to decrypt the password depends on its length and usage of special characters. Also, avoid usage of "dictionary words" as passwords.

Reference: T2 Mac security vulnerability means passwords can now be cracked