Linux 6.2 adds support for M1 Macs

Linux 6.2 now adds support for M1 Macs. Support is not considered "finished" or "production-ready". M2 support is also in the works.

Some of the features are provided by Asahi Linux.

Not supported by Apple

Using Linux as operating system for Apple hardware is not supported by Apple. Use Linux at your own risk.

GitHub: Feature Support


Apple publishes app to test Car Key integration

Car Key Tests app published via unlisted approach is now available for integrators working on support for Car Key technology.

App provides test kit to verify validity, performance and key implementation requirements of Car Key on specific hardware.

App is intended to be used by MFi licensees only.

App Store: Car Key Tests


Apple announces next generation HomePod

Following announcements on new Mac hardware Apple today announces update to HomePod.
Introducing the all-new HomePod | Apple

Second generation HomePod gets S7 chip, UWB, temperature and humidity sensors. HomePod also gets Matter smart home standard support.

HomePod second generation follows design of original smart speaker while getting sound quality improvements too. However, it is noted that original HomePod could not be combined as stereo pair with second generation.

HomePod mini apparently also has temperature and humidity sensors. And those will be enabled with upcoming software update.

Sound Recognition feature comes to both new HomePod and HomePod mini to listen for smoke alarms in the house.

Apple Newsroom: Apple introduces the new HomePod with breakthrough sound and intelligence


Apple announces new MacBook Pro, Mac mini, M2 Pro and M2 Max chips

Apple today announced new Mac mini, new MacBook Pro models with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips.

There were no special event, however, Apple still had a keynote video describing new hardware.
Meet the new MacBook Pro and Mac mini | Apple

M2 Pro chip comes with 19 GPU cores and M2 Max doubles than number. M2 Max could be equipped with 96GB of RAM.

New Mac mini comes with M2 and M2 Pro chips. Also Mac mini with M2 Pro provides 4 Thunderbolt ports. Intel-based Mac mini is no longer available.

MacBook Pro now supports WiFi 6E nearly doubling throughput. 16" model offers up to 22 hours of battery life.

Apple Newsroom:


Google Home speakers were vulnerable to eavesdropping hackers

Earlier last week, a researcher/programmer/ethical hacker Matt Kunze released a blog post detailing a severe vulnerability of Google smart home speakers that could give hackers remote control over the devices. In his blog post, Matt details how the vulnerability was discovered and then explains in frightening detail exactly how this backdoor could be used to access a wide range of commands and actions using the affected Google speaker.

The potential for attack stemmed from a vulnerability that could allow someone to add themselves to the Google Home App. From there, a hacker could control devices connected to the account. Once connected, an attacker could utilize voice commands to activate the microphone on a given device. You can imagine how much chaos could ensue from that point. The device could potentially be used to do anything that the Google speaker was capable of as it relates to any other connected devices in the home.


CIRP report shows most popular iPad models

Consumer Intelligence Report Partners LLC (CIRP) publishes report on iPad model popularity.


Popularity across models shows that iPad Pro combined is more popular than iPad base model. iPad mini is way behind other models.

Interesting fact is that more than half of iPads are with cellular making them connected on the go.

CIRP: Apple Sells Tablets, Too (paid)

Reference: Which iPad is Apple’s most popular for now?

Some users report graphical issues with iPhone 14 models

Couple of reports arise that iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models have issues with flashing horizontal lines on the screen during device wake up.

Some people relate issue to specific panel installed on device (Samsung and LG panels used in iPhone).

According to some reports Apple rules out hardware issues and it might be related to iOS 16.2.


Apple expands Self Service Repair program to Mac desktops and Studio Display

Apple adds more hardware to its Self-Service Repair program allowing in-house repairs

Now program includes parts and manuals for desktops with Apple Silicon chips and Apple Studio Display.

Apple: Self Service Repair

Reference: Apple Expands Self-Service Repair Program to Mac Desktops With M1 Chips and Studio Display