Bluetooth communications are still not safe in 2023

Multiple active exploits could affect iPhone use of Bluetooth.

Flipper Zero hacker tool could be used to trigger iPhone DDoS attack using Bluetooth signals by AirPods, HomeKit accessories, etc. These signals usually trigger popup on iPhone allowing to connect to headphones or perform other actions. Crafting these signals in a specific way could result in iOS restart.

Newly discovered BLUFFS attack could be used to impersonate devices and trigger disclosure of private information. It is not yet clear, if AirDrop is affected by this attack as it uses more than just Bluetooth to authenticate the device. However, it is still possible to hijack audio or other Bluetooth connection. Fix would require device manufacturers to modify security mechanisms of Bluetooth stack.


Rumor claims Apple Vision Pro is expected to launch in March, next model expected in 2025

Bloomberg reports that Apple Vision Pro development is not yet done and headset is expected to ship no earlier than March 2024.

Another report claims that Apple is expected to ship 400k units in 2024 and up to 10 million by 2026. Next generation device is expected to be available in 2025 with reduced price.

Beware, these rumors are not fully verified and should not be considered as facts.


‘Aliro’ open standard to be based on Apple’s HomeKey

Apple introduced HomeKey several years ago, and now The Connectivity Standards Alliance (Apple is a part of it) introduced Aliro – new open standard for electronic keys. CSA is also responsible for Matter standard.

The standard will include definitions for Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth® Low-Energy (LE), and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) experiences, as well as asymmetric cryptography and credential data.



Reference: New 'Aliro' Standard Aims to Simplify Unlocking Doors With Smartphones

High Power mode comes to MacBook Pro 14″

High Power mode is now available on MacBook Pro with M3 Max chip. Previously, feature was only available for 16" model.

High Power mode increases cooling system efficiency (which might result in higher fan noise levels) to provide maximum performance for CPU and GPU hungry tasks.


New M3 Macs will get day one macOS Sonoma update

Apple to issue immediate macOS update for new M3 Macs.

The Macs will ship with a custom version of ‌macOS Sonoma‌ 14.1 with a build number of 23B2073, but new users will need to download and install a new version with a build number of 23B2077.



Apple acknowledges issues with BMW and Toyota wireless charges

Apple acknowledged issue with some car wireless chargers causing NFC temporary disfunction on iPhone 15 models. Apple promises software update to address this issue.

At this moment it is not known how widespread the issue is. No further details are provided so far.