Amazon event recap

Amazon held its annual fall hardware event on Tuesday during which announced a lot of new products and updates including:

Astro - smart home robot with wheels, a periscope, and a digital eye

(image credits: Amazon)

When you're home Astro can act as an assistant, or help you keep an eye on a relative. When you're away, Astro is a security tool. Amazon says that in 5-10 years every home will have a robot, so why do not adopt this one.

Amazon Astro
(image credits: Amazon)

Echo Show 15" - smart home display

Mountable Home Smart Displays : Amazon Echo Show 15
(image credits: Amazon)

Amazon's largest display yet with a wall-mountable screen. It is like Samsung's Family Hub, but without the fridge ;) We can expect that this product and I hope other similar will give us opportunity to create apps dedicated more for daily planning or dashboard.

Amazon Glow

(image credits: Amazon)

It is a video chat gadget with built-in games to keep kids engaged. Amazon Glow can project games, books, or puzzles onto a table that kids and their parents (or grandparents) can play together. In my opinion this device could be also useful for discussions with team or client, but rather this functionality is not included. Based on design of the device, which is not dedicated for kids IHHO, expecting that it will be extended to support also other use cases in future.