Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #31

Let's spend first July weekend with some good reads.

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Third-party payment provides are available for in-app purchases on Apple platforms in South Korea

Apple publishes an update on regulations requiring Apple to provide third-party payment options in South Korea for in-app purchases.

As with Netherlands app developers should request specific entitlement and provide information on payment system used by the app.

Developers are to pay Apple 26% commission on purchases made through external payment providers. It is still developer's responsibility to calculate and report overall sales made through external systems, while Apple maintains the right to conduct audits.

Apple Developer:


Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #30

WWDC22 is over, but the whole summer is open to play with betas, frameworks and SwiftUI navigation features. So let's spend some hours learning new things.

Swift and SwiftUI capture our attention for this week. Let's see what next week might bring us.

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #29

Hopefully you've made it through WWDC session short list. Let's add some reading. Apple brought up many interesting topics.

And that's it for today. There might be more articles shared next week, be ready!

Developers now can transfer apps that use iCloud

Apple prevented transfer of the applications between developers if the application used iCloud containers or key-value storage. Well, not anymore.

Now Apple allows this kind of application transfer. This provides an opportunities to indie developers to sell their apps to other developers even if they were using iCloud.

Apple Developer: App Store Connect Update

App Store Connect Help: App transfer overview