Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #52

This week is a little bit shorter in US, so weekend good reads come a little earlier. Let's find some good reads for this long weekend.

And to wrap up this issue, here is a great video for those who are interested in security – Using A Magic Wand To Break The IPhone's Last Security Barrier by Tihmstar | hardwear.io NL 2022.

Happy holidays and see you next week!

VMWare Fusion 13 now provides Apple Silicon support

VMWare adds support for Apple Silicon. Now Windows 11 could be a guest OS on Apple Silicon Macs.

On Apple Silicon, we’ve introduced our first round of features for Windows 11 on Arm. In this release VMware Tools provides virtual graphics and networking, and more is still to come. With certified and signed drivers Windows 11 looks fantastic, and adjust the resolution to 4K and beyond!  
Note that Fusion on Apple Silicon must run the Arm variant of Windows 11, and it does not support the x86/Intel version of Windows. 

VMWare Fusion Blog

VMWare Fusion Blog: VMware Fusion 13: Now available for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs

Reference: VMware Fusion 13 Now Available With Native Support for Apple Silicon Macs

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #51

Issue 51 of good reads. And this one has a lot of interesting stuff.

With that let's conclude this week. See you next time!

Third round of beta versions is published for iOS 16.2 and other platforms

Apple publishes next round of beta versions for iOS/iPadOS 16.2, macOS 13.1, watchOS 9.2 and tvOS 16.2. No new Xcode beta is published so far.

Apple continues to polish different aspects of iOS – this beta provides more options for always-in display – wallpaper and notifications could now be turned off.

This update is to introduce Freeform app for collaborative editing to multiple Apple platforms.

Beta download: Operating Systems

Release notes:


Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #50

Wow! It's 50th episode here. Let's get something interesting for today's good reads.

Big list for this week. And, as always, more to come next time!

Apple releases iOS, iPadOS 16.1.1 and macOS 13.0.1

Apple today releases bug fix and security updates to its mobile and desktop operating systems.

Some of the issues fixed by this update include spontaneous WiFi disconnects reported by some iPhone users.

Also, Apple now limits AirDrop 'Everyone' access to 10 minutes in China addressing AirDrop spam that could be delivered, if user forgets to put more restrictive access mode for AirDrop.

This change though could be also a result of China regulators trying to limit spread of anti-government materials. This change seems to be affecting only devices bought in China and is not affected by regional settings in the operating system.


Safari Technology Preview 157 is published for macOS Ventura

Apple publishes new technology preview for Safari.

‌Safari Technology Preview‌ release 157 includes bug fixes and performance improvements for Web Inspector, CSS, Rendering, JavaScript, WebCodecs, Web API, Media, Web Animations, HTML, Accessibility, Security, Privacy, and Safari Web Extensions. 


Now Safari Technology Preview works with macOS Ventura, but no longer compatible with macOS Big Sur.

Download: Safari – Resources

Release notes: Safari Technology Preview Release Notes

Reference: Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 157 With Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Apple launches another ‘Ask Apple’ Q&A and office hours sessions

Starting November 14 Apple hosts another week of 'Ask Apple' sessions.

Join us for another exciting week of the Ask Apple developer series, where you can connect directly with Apple experts. Ask about integrating the latest technologies into your apps, designing intuitive UIs, testing on the latest software, and so much more.

Online one-on-one consultations and group Q&As will run November 14 to 18, with activities in multiple languages and time zones. Registration is open now to current members of the Apple Developer Program and Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

And stay tuned for details on the next round of the Ask Apple developer series taking place in December.

Apple Developer

Apple Developer: A new week of Ask Apple starts November 14

iOS 16.2 and other platforms get beta 2

Apple publishes beta 2 for iOS/iPadOS 16.2, macOS 13.1, watchOS 9.2 and tvOS 16.2. No corresponding Xcode version is published.

iOS 16.2 is to launch 5G in India, Medication Widget is added.

Also iOS 16.2 introduces Custom Accessibility Mode which guides user with accessibility settings in a streamlined manner. It is not yet known, if iOS 16.2 will actually ship this functionality.

Beta download: Operating Systems

Release notes: