Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #53

It is officially winter and here is new great pack of good articles for all Apple developers.

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Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #28, catching up

Long time no see. Let's get back with good reads for the weekend before WWDC22. Monday will give us much more news for the next year, but today let's take a look on couple of interesting articles.

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Weekend good reads for Android developers, issue #31 (15/2022)

It’s Friday, it’s time for a new pack of articles to go over the long (for some of you) weekend.

Composable metrics

Jetpack Compose 1.2 introduces a lot of new features. One of them is the ability to analyze created Composables in terms of various metrics and measurements of their performance. Please review the article to check the details.

Migrating Architecture Blueprints to Jetpack Compose

Probably each of us knows the Android Blueprints projects and in this article, Manuel Vivo presents how they migrate them to Jetpack Compose.

Android — 9 Useful Kotlin Flow Operators You Need to Know

Operators are key elements of any reactive framework, including Kotlin Flow. They enable various operations to be performed on the data stream elements. In this article, you will find 9 of them which are the most useful during daily basis work.

Resilient use cases with kotlin.Result, coroutines and annotations

When creating software, it is extremely important to consider cases where something may go wrong this article shows you how to implement fault-tolerant UseCase classes.

Android App Excellence Summit

In this article, you can find a summary of App Excellence Summit 2022.

Android last week news (in a minute)

Play Protect can now remove permissions of unused apps on Android 10 and older devices

Google Play Protect can now remove the permissions of unused apps, a safety & privacy feature of Android 11 now available for older phones and tablets.

more: https://twitter.com/MishaalRahman/status/1508859489285382146

The April Google Play system updates

The April Google Play system updates for Android phones will bring new Play Pass and Play Points features, ways to discover apps, and more.

more: https://support.google.com/product-documentation/answer/11412553

Compose with Markdown in Google Docs on web

Google Docs users can use the Markdown syntax when creating documents. It is certainly a great help for people familiar with this markup language, which will allow them to significantly speed up their work with the text.

more: https://workspaceupdates.googleblog.com/2022/03/compose-with-markdown-in-google-docs-on.html

Samsung and Xiaomi are slowing down your phones

Both companies are using 'temperature control strategies' but we can also see that this 'optimization' does not affect benchmark type of apps to provide the best values in tests.



Weekend good reads for Android developers, issue #28 (12/2022)

It’s Friday, it’s time for a new pack of articles to go over the weekend.

The Making of Jetpack Compose Form Builder Library

In this tutorial, Linus Muema goes through how a Form builder library was made, and how to use the library.

Using performance class to optimize your user experience

Google developers decide to create a new tool that allows you to verify the hardware capabilities of the device in order to properly adjust the operation of specific functionalities which are mainly related to image and video. In this article, you will find more information about this tool.

Defensive development: Gradle plugin development for busy engineers

Tony Robalik continues the series on writing a Gradle plugin for Android apps.

Gradle: Version Catalogs

Version Catalogs have been available for use for almost a year, but with Gradle 7.4, it is stable. It is a functionality that allows you to manage all dependencies defined in the project in a centralized way. In my opinion, it is an interesting alternative to the current ways of managing libraries and it is definitely worth getting acquainted with.

Observe as state is the new post value

Do you set data in LiveData with setValue or postValue? As it turns out with Jetpack Compose, this can be important how to do this in the context of view re-rendering.

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Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #25

Weekend is coming. Here are some articles to make it more productive.

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Weekend good reads for Android developers, issue #23 (07/2022)

It’s Friday, it’s time for a new pack of articles to go over the weekend.

Android 13 deep dive: Every change, thoroughly documented

A few days ago, Google officially announced a new version of its flagship system. Of course, we are talking about Android 13. If you want to be up to date with all changes and news, you can find a broad summary in this post.

How To Securely Build and Sign Your Android App With GitHub Actions

If you want to learn how to automate the building process for an application, see this post.

JankStats Goes Alpha

Chet Haase announces JankStats: the first AndroidX library built specifically to instrument and report performance problems with your app on user devices.

Our Journey from XML to Jetpack Compose UI

Andrew Kelly documents migrating an app from using XML notation for screen layouts to Jetpack Compose UI.

Using Jetpack Compose with Square’s Molecule Library

The author shares how to use some patterns for Square’s Molecule library for building a StateFlow stream using Jetpack Compose.

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Isolates became to ~100x faster in Dart 2.15

Isolates spawned via the Isolate.spawn() API are now grouped, operate on the same managed heap and can therefore share various VM-internal data structures.

This leads to ~100x faster isolate startup latency, ~10-100x lower per-isolate base memory overhead and ~8x faster inter-isolate communication.

Dart programming language | Dart

Dart 2.15 is now available in the flutter beta channel, more details can be found here: https://github.com/dart-lang/sdk/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md

New real-time performance alerts in Performance Monitoring

A new feature called performance alerts is now in beta. These new performance alerts will send you an email when for example your app start time exceeds a given threshold so you can investigate and fix the latency issue as soon as it appears. Performance alerts can be configured from the console and we can expect more types of them for other metrics soon.