Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/1

2023 is here! And it's time for next edition of good reads. There is a bunch of interesting articles this time.

And finishing up with conference talk – "TBC" by Marcin Krzyzanowski.

"TBC" by Marcin Krzyzanowski

And this is how we start New Year. Come back next week for more great reads!

Apple abandons plans to implement CSAM detection features in Photos

In an interview to Joanna Stern, Craig Federighi confirms that Apple stopped development of previously announced CSAM detection features.

In this interview Craig Federighi discussed new privacy and security features added by Apple to iCloud and their effect on law enforcement ability to extract data from iCloud.

One of the nixed features is Photos CSAM detection which was criticized by many privacy-focused groups and organizations.


The Wall Street Journal: Apple Plans New Encryption System to Ward Off Hackers and Protect iCloud Data (Apple News+)