Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/35

It's September already! Time flies... School year is started. And we have something new to learn today.

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Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/33

Great weekend for another big pack of great articles to go through.

And one video on SwiftData:


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Apple announces new ‘Meet with App Store experts’ online sessions

Apple announces sessions for August, 2023 focused on App Store. Live presentations with Q&A are being held in multiple time zones and languages.

  • Explore App Store pricing upgrades, including enhanced global pricing, tools to manage pricing by storefront, and additional price points.
  • Find out how to measure user acquisition with App Analytics and grow your subscription business using App Store features.
  • Discover how product page optimization lets you test different elements of your product page to find out which resonate with people most.
  • Understand how custom product pages let you create additional product page versions to highlight specific features or content.
  • Learn how to boost discovery and engagement with Game Center and how to configure in-app events.
Apple Developer

Apple Developer: Meet with App Store experts

Schedule: View schedule

Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/8

It's winter here in Bay Area today (it even snows somewhere here), so let's grab some warm beverage and get going.

Let's finish with interesting video on design process by David Smith.

Design process by David Smith

And that is it for today. See you next week!

App Store was flooded with Wordle app clones, now cleaned up, but problem persists

Multiple clones of now popular Wordle game were submitted to App Store, including those with $30 yearly subscription. None of these apps are related to original web game.

After the social network backlash Apple removed all these game clones from App Store.

However, this is not the only scam app on App Store. Another report shows that Apple even promoted scam app with purchased reviews.


So, the problem persists. On the other hand, sometimes unfair and unethical apps are still removed from App Store.