iOS 17.2 with Journal app and other platforms enter beta testing

Apple launches first beta for iOS/iPadOS 17.2, macOS Sonoma 14.2, watchOS 10.2, tvOS 17.2. Xcode 15.2 beta is also available.

Xcode 15.1 beta 2 contains visionOS SDK 1.0 beta 4.

New betas bring Contact Key Verification to iMessage. Also Journal app and Journaling Suggestion API is now available. Music app gets collaborative playlists feature.

tvOS beta brings new navigation to TV app.

Apple Developer: Get ready with the latest beta releases

Beta download: Operating Systems

Release notes:


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Apple lists API that require declared reasons to use

Apple will now require developers to declare use of specific APIs with app's privacy manifest.

Starting in fall 2023, when you upload a new app or app update to App Store Connect that uses an API (including from third-party SDKs) that requires a reason, you’ll receive a notice if you haven’t provided an approved reason in your app’s privacy manifest. And starting in spring 2024, in order to upload your new app or app update to App Store Connect, you’ll be required to include an approved reason in the app’s privacy manifest which accurately reflects how your app uses the API.

Apple Developer

Apple Developer:

Apple announces date for enhanced global pricing – May 9

Apple announces enhanced global pricing to take effect on May 9, 2023.

Developers could select base country to fix prices to. Prices in other regions could be adjusted according to publicly available exchange rates. Base region could be changed at anytime via App Store Connect and via API.

Also developers could lock prices and no prices will not be equalized.

As reminder, on May 9, 2023, pricing for existing apps and one-time in-app purchases will be updated across App Store storefronts using your current price in the United States as the basis—unless you’ve made relevant updates after March 8, 2023.

Apple Developer

Apple Developer:

App Store Connect API is updated with support of custom product pages

New App Store Connect API capabilities include:

  • management of in-app events;
  • creation and modification of custom product pages;
  • submission of product page optimization tests.

Multiple items now could be submitted to review as a single package.

Apple Developer: