Apple to launch software update for iPhone 12 following France probes

Recently France announced that iPhone 12 breaks requirements for radiation levels with one of the recent software updates. Apple is now expected to issue a software update to mitigate the issue.

Belgium is also investigating iPhone 12 radiation levels after France investigation results were announced.


New iPhone models still coming to China despite government ban

China government ban on foreign electronic devices might not affect plans on Apple making iPhone generally available in China.

AppleInsider reports that China government provided comment on device ban.

In a statement obtained by AppleInsider and other venues, the China foreign ministry has officially stated that "products and services of any country are welcome as long as they comply with China's laws and regulations."


Also, China Mobile denies allegations that company plans to stop selling iPhones in China.

Morgan Stanley analysts claim that China iPhone ban will have much smaller effect on Apple than other companies anticipate.

"Said differently, while China is critical to Apple's success, Apple is also critical to the Chinese economy," continues Morgan Stanley, "and therefore while the potential for a broad decoupling between Apple and China in this multipolar world clearly exists, we don't believe recent headlines are necessarily foreshadowing this 'worst case' scenario."

Morgan Stanley also notes that it assumes "most Chinese government officials... already own a smartphone from domestic OEMs." So the banning of iPhones could have even less effect than it might have done.



China bans iPhones for government use

iPhone and other foreign technology devices are now banned for use by Chinese government employees. As of now it is not known if this ban is actually enforced, but there are reports that employees are recommended to switch to local smartphone brands.

More agencies and state affiliated companies are expected to have similar bans soon.

There are varying reports on how much this ban might affect iPhone sales in China. Analysts predict sales drop from 500k (which has almost no impact) to 20M units.

The Wall Street Journal: China Bans iPhone Use for Government Officials at Work

Reuters: China moves to widen state employee iPhone curbs

Bloomberg: China Seeks to Broaden iPhone Ban to State Firms, Agencies


First US state bans TikTok

Montana passes a bill to ban TikTok within state. Under this bill ByteDance is prohibited from doing business in Montana. Anyone violating this ban will be fined $10,000 per violation per day. Fine, however, is to be paid by ByteDance itself.

Bill also requires mobile platforms App Store and Google Play to limit access to TikTok within state. This might become a precedent in US and will require Apple and Google to provide app availability on per-state basis.

Reference: First US state officially bans TikTok, $10,000 fine per violation

Lufthansa does not ban AirTags after all

Regulators and Apple had to issue statements to resolve recent messages that Lufthansa is to ban active AirTags in checked luggage.

AirTags are compliant with international airline travel safety regulations for carry-on and checked baggage.

Apple by 9To5Mac


AirTags might be banned from luggage by airlines

Reports arise that Lufthansa is now banning AirTags in checked luggage requesting tracking devices to be turned off.

At the moment it is not known if rules are to be enforced and what airlines, which countries and airports will require removal of AirTags from luggage.

Overall, it still looks very strange having that Airplane mode on iPhone does not turn off Bluetooth.